Dancing under a bed of stars you are serenaded by sweet soulful sounds of a 5 piece jazz band that plays Ella’s standards. Sauvignon Blanc is in your wine glass, every sip is like a heavy landslide –rushing over you like a warm cloud. The aroma of the forthcoming meal is so alluring that every bite promises to be a satiating culinary experience fabulous enough to rouse even the pickiest eater’s senses. Vibrant colors, rich textures reflect in the light of your eyes. The warmth and energy emanating from your family and friends makes the entire experience even more exhilarating. As the music plays and your body sways to the rhythm your mind is blinded by rushing impulses of bliss. It is not merely a party it is a… Soiree Couture. A high-end gathering tailored to fit your every need, desire and impulse.


Opulent Grace

Full Service Event Production


This package is for couples who want to experience the decadence of their wedding day without any stress. With this option, couples will be guided step-by-step through the planning process in order to meet their needs, desires and stay within their budget. Your Soiree Couture consultant will assist you with all elements of a successful event. Style, menu creation, theme development, venue and vendor selection, contractual agreements and the like will be in the care of your personal consultant.

Budget systemization

Making a budget and sticking to it is what most couples have the hardest time with while planning their wedding. We will help you devise a budget, remind you of payment deadlines and track all payments made. 

Ceremony & Reception Site Curation 

Couples spend an exorbitant amount of time in the initial planning stages searching for a impeccable venues. We perform all of the initial inquiries and find options that suit your unique tastes, fall within your budget, accommodate your guest count and are available for your selected date. Once you have selected your desired venues, we will schedule and accompany you on site visits and ensure your comfort from the moment you step onto the property until the moment you sign the contract. 

Vendor Referrals and Coordination 

There are a vast array of vendors out in the event planning sphere, it is important that you align yourself with those who understand your vision and will exceed your expectations. We always refer our clients to tested vendors that are within your proposed budget for each aspect of your event. 

Schedule & Attend Vendor Appointments 

You have reviewed our recommendations and want to meet with vendors. Great! We schedule suitable times that work for you and the vendors. We are happy to attend vendor meetings! 

RSVP Management 

Utilization an RSVP management system makes dealing with a breeze. We provide and online RSVP management tool that will allow you to keep track of all invited guests and returned responses. Per your request, we are happy to notify any invited guests who have not responded by the RSVP date. 

Preparation of Customized Task Lists 

In the initial planning stage, many couples feel daunted by the tasks which lay ahead of them. We prepare a custom attainable assignment lists to tackle at various intervals from our start time to the wedding date to ensure no details are overlooked. 

Arrangement of Accommodations for Couple and Out of Town Guests 

From destination weddings to hometown soirees, guests are in need to affordable options that suit their needs. Based on the needs of your guests, we recommend hotels within close proximity of your venue that allows for an easy commute. We negotiate and arrange room blocks and selected hotels. Let us take care of the details of your wedding night. Based on your desires, we will book and decorate your honeymoon suite. 

Site Survey & Design Plan 

You have found the perfect venue for your ceremony and reception. We will work with the site staff to ensure our event falls in the scope of the venue’s rules/regulations. Based on your vision and needs, we create a design plan for the venue to ensure that your event flows seamlessly. 

Manage Final Payments & Gratuities the Week and Day of Wedding 

Out of respect to the stellar vendors we partner with, we ensure final payments are delivered in a timely manner (at least 7 days prior to the wedding) to ensure the best service possible. Based on the awesome service you will receive, you may decide to provide gratuities to specific vendors at the actual event. We provide you with a personalized payment calendar to ensure all payments and gratuities are made on time and securely so you will not have to worry about paying vendors on the day of your wedding. 

Assistance with Stationary Selection 

With an in house graphic and stationary designer at Soiree Couture Event Design and Management Boutique, we are thrilled to provide our clients beautiful paper products at an exceptional value. Our stationary designer will make recommendations for products that encapsulate your style while remaining within your budget. 

Vendor Confirmation 

Without full service planning, the days leading up to your event can feel like a nightmare. But with Soiree Couture, it will feel more like a dream. You will not have to lift a finger. We will confirm vendor orders, delivery/pick up times, contact information, etc., to ensure your day runs smoothly. 

Preparation of Inclement Weather Contingency Plan 

It is August and an unexpected hurricane is descending on your hometown, where we have planned an outdoor wedding for the past 11 months. No worries. A contingency plan is always in place for our events and we will make sure you still enjoy your day and are thrilled with your results. 

Rehearsal Coordination 

Depending the wishes of your officiant, we can either direct the rehearsal (line up the bridal party, go through the order of ceremony, cue music at the proper time for processional and recessional) or assist as the officiant directs the rehearsal. 

Ceremony Décor 

We will arrive early at the ceremony venue on your wedding day to ensure all decor and floral arrangements are appropriately assembled and arranged. The Soiree Couture Ceremony Curator will act as the point person with the officiant, musicians, etc., and ensure everyone is properly organized. 

Distribute Bouquets to Bridal Party, Pin Boutonnieres & Corsages 

Prior to the ceremony, your personal Soiree Couture assistant (one will be available to the bridal party and another for the groomsmen) will be on-site with you to ensure all bridal party members and family members have the appropriate flowers prior to the ceremony. 

Reception Décor 

Your Soiree Couture Reception Curator will be on-site to ensure all details that have been painstakingly planned are in place. Timely deliveries, tablescape preparation, gift table preparation, other displays, etc. will be the responsibility of the reception curator. It is your responsibility to enjoy the reception. 

Detailed Event Timeline & Itinerary for Vendors & Bridal Party

Your Soiree Couture Event Designer will provide all vendors with a detailed schedule and itinerary. Your bridal party will also be provided with a comprehensive scheduleof the day to ensure timeliness. 

Event Management on Wedding Day 

It is our business to ensure your day is seamless. You, the bridal party and any other important participants will be notified by your Event Designer of their role in the wedding. There will always be a Soiree Couture assistant on site to actively circumvent any issues that may arise throughout the day. 

Gift Collection & Delivery to Designated Location 

It is late. You have danced all night long. The last thing on your mind is figuring out where to place these gifts. No worries. We have it covered. We handle collection of gifts, cards, etc., and will have them delivered to the secure location of your choosing. 

Secure All Personal Items 

Retrieval of all your personal effects is no longer the responsibility of your bridesmaids. Let them get home and relax as we collect your toasting flutes, extra favors, programs, candles, leftover food/cake and pack them into the designated cars. 

On-Site Emergency Satchel 

Forgot your mints? Need a band-aid? A curl fell out of place? No worries. Our Soiree Couture Emergency Satchel includes a band-aids sewing kit, nail files, perfume, lotion, mints, socks, safety pins, bobby pins, hair spray, deodorant, snacks and much more! Hey, things happen! 

Etiquette Assistance 

Your fete is black tie and you would prefer an adults-only soiree but do not know how to properly inform your guests without sounding coarse? Great etiquette is not a thing of the past. Emily Post is one of our best friends! We will assist you every step of the way to ensure you properly inform your guests of your wishes in an amiable manner. We are only a phone call/email away. 

Unlimited Email & Phone Assistance 

You are planning one of the most memorable days of your life. You are going to have tons of questions. Do not spend hours perusing the web in an attempt to find the answer. We are just a phone call/email away! With this full service package, your event designer is available for unlimited email and phone assistance from the moment you book our services through your wedding day. 

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Lavish Splendor 

Partial Event Planning


This option is for couples that love the Soiree Couture aesthetic but would prefer to execute the planning process on their own. This option includes 4 face-to-face meetings. We will provide you with information regarding stellar vendors that will be able to assist you in executing your vision. Your Soiree Couture consultant will also provide you with budgets, schedules, timelines and day-of management.

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Sophisticated Style

Day of Coordination


Selecting this package allows you to completely design your entire event. You have been successful in the planning process and are ready to enjoy the splendor of this day in style without any hassle. Let us assist you in the execution of your wedding rehearsal, ceremony and reception.

A La Carte Services are also available.

  • Attendance of Vendor Meetings
  • Invitations and Other Paper Items
  • Out of Town Guest Management
  • Honeymoon Registry
  • Wedding and Floral Design
  • Reception Management
  • Floral Design
  • Reception Management
  • Vendor Referrals
  • Creation of Personalized Event Budget
  • Rehearsal, Wedding and Reception Direction

Soiree Couture Event Design & Management Boutique offers potential clients a complimentary initial consultation. We would love to meet with you and your fiancé! At your initial consultation, we work with you to determine how far along you are in the planning process and what you both truly desire for your special day. We will discuss your coordination, planning and design desires, as well as your budget requirements. We will work together to determine the proper level of service for our fete. 

Every festivity should be an affair to remember

Soiree Couture designs:

  • Anniversary Parties
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Cultural Festivities
  • Destination Events
  • Promotional Events
  • Reunions
  • Proposals
  • Just Because… Events

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