Grace A. Gyemfi, M.T.A.

Passion. Energy. Elegance.

It’s time! It starts with the flurry of voices, the pulses of energy and the impending excitement. Before this day, it starts with two people. Two people who have led two separate & vastly different (or in some cases eerily similar) lives that are brought together in random fashion, whether it be at work, a high school football game, on a vacation, a college class, at a poetry reading or a bowling alley.  The moment where these two people meet changes their lives forever. The chance encounter opens their minds and hearts to express love and walk in commitment to the person that stands before them at the altar. Every person’s road to this one moment is different. It is this passion, these stories and these people that drive me. Events are stories of love, coming of age, success, various moments of celebration.  Why did I choose to enter the field of event planning? Simply, because I love to help people tell stories. I genuinely enjoy helping others share their personal experiences, quirks, passions and love with others. There is nothing better than sharing, developing and showcasing such an important aspect of a person’s life. A great event is like a question you ask that vanishes into an answer.  It would be my pleasure to assist you in creating your answer.

X's & O's



The George Washington University
School of Business
Master’s in Tourism Administration
Meeting & Event Management

University of Maryland
Philip Merrill College of Journalism
Bachelors in Broadcast Journalism